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Corrosion: How Are You Protecting or Damaging Your Facility & Equipment?


The Good New:  Arena Rx is non-corrosive and non-toxic!  It has been verified as safe and clean for the environment by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  No other manufacturer has US EPA verified safe and clean products and the testing is 2-20 times  more stringent than various competitors testing.  



The Bad New:  Some other dust control products are corrosive and toxic, but they are inexpensive to purchase. I recommend you protect yourself by taking precautions to minimize potential hidden expenses.   Here is something interesting from NASA’s Corrosion Technology Laboratory, ...the cost of corrosion in the United States is estimated to be a staggering $276 billion per year. Corrosion can be defined as degradation of a material due to a reaction with its environment. This includes materials such as metals, polymers (plastics, rubber), ceramics (concrete, brick, etc.), and composites.


NASA Kennedy Space Center: Corrosion / Learn More


In order to save money, you may consider using an inexpensive to purchase short-term effective dust control agent that contains corrosive properties.  If you do,  then we recommend that you also  consider applying a protective paint coating  to exposed equipment and infastructure to help prolong their useful lives.  I also recommend washing equipment after exposure.  


In the United States, "Protective Coatings" are the most commonly used method of corrosion control.  You may not be able to apply some protective coating like galvanizing steel with zinc, but applying a liquid corrosion inhibiting “paint” is a possibility.  Many liquid paints contain corrosion inhibitor chemicals that are added to reduce contact with the corrosivity of the material and protect it from its environment.


The painting technology that exists today can provide some protection for even the most corrosive environments. It is possible to save money by taking steps to protect equipment by painting and washing at a fraction of the cost it would take for repairs (excluding labor) and replacement.