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CALCULATOR: Arenas, Stalls & Paddocks

Arenas, Runs, Paddocks and Other Rectangular/ Square Areas  Reference CP_CF id"6"

To make accurate dust suppression estimates for any area requires knowing the volume of material to be treated.  Surface area is calculated first by multiplying the length by the width. Then take the surface area and multiply it by the depth of the footing to determine volume.  Accurately determining the average depth measurement is critical and is completed by taking multiple measurements throughout the proposed treatment site.  If the overall average depth is actually 3.0" but you measure it as 2.0" or 4.0" then the calculations will be under-estimated by a 33% or over-estimated by 25% respectively.  Either way, do yourself a favor (actually, don't cheat yourself) and make accurate measurements!  


Also, the checklist (on a separate page) is also an important component when completing an estimate since the responses to them may/will influence the final outcome.  Answers to the checklist questions do influence a recommendation.


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Questionnaire Checklist

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Calculator Checklist

Calculator for Roundpens and Single Outer Walled Areas

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Calculator for Roundpens

Calculator for Walkers  and Other  Doubled Walled Areas

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Calculator for Walkers

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