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take-notice   NOTICE:  All products offered by "Dust & Soil Solutions" - Good 4 Dirt are Environmentally Safe Solutions manufactured, tested and independently verified to the Highest Standards... standards that are two to twenty times more stringent than our nearest competitors!  And, that's why we can say, "Proven Best in Class."  We encourage you to research, compare, determine and choose what is best and right for you.  If you're looking for cheap, ineffective, corrosive, toxic, or acidic products etc then look elsewhere.  However, if you are looking for value and want pure, clean, environmentally safe, effective and longer lasting products, then you will find them here. 

The EnviroKleen Series of Products We Sell

Arena Rx®

"Clean Air for Horse and Rider"

Revolutionary polymer bindered Arena Rx® Synthetic Organic Dust Control® eliminates fugitive equestrian related airborne dust and can minimize respiratory dust related health risks.  Arena Rx® provides year-round consistent footing that enables equine athletes to attain peak health and performance. Effectively eliminates watering forever.  Freeze point ~ -40 F.  US EPA verified.



Diamond Doctor®

"Ballfield Dust Control"

Need to preserve precious water or create a healthier dust-free environment both on and off the field? The difference between Diamond Doctor® Synthetic Organic Dust Control® and water is nothing less than remarkable.  Easy to apply.   Crystal clear, odorless, and nontoxic to humans, animals and plants.  Make it part of you park, and play ball plus have a dust free picnic!





"Polymer Bindered Series of Products"

All EnviroKleen® Series of Products provide longer-lasting performance and require fewer applications than other dust control and surface-stabilization methods – regardless of season.  A true synthetic fluid and polymeric binder system interlock surface aggregate and fines together and keep them there.  Effective on clay, sand, limestone, gravel, and most native soils regardless of the weather or how severe the traffic.


The Soil Sement Series of Products We Sell

Base Bldr™
"using Soil-Sement® Engineered Formula"


Base Bldr™ is an innovative-engineered system for use in the construction of riding arena bases. The Base Bldr™ stabilization system utilizes Soil Sement® Engineered Formula designed to achieve optimum quality and performance.




"Agricultural, Recreational,  Industrial
Soil Stabilization"

The  Soil-Sement® Family of polymer emulsions for dust control and soil stabilization boasts more certifications and verifications for environmental safety and performance effectiveness than any other polymer emulsion.  It can be hard to steel or as flexible as rubber.  Agriculture and industry.


Soil-Sement Engineered Formula®

Soil-Sement Engineered Formula®'s durable high performance, critical application polymer emulsion provides increased loadbearing strength on all types of services in both wet and dry conditions. Engineering services include laboratory analysis to determine site-specific application criteria.



A Few Examples of Other Midwest Industrial Supply Inc. Products We Sell




Specialized Industrial Lubricant...
now available to the public.

Glidex industrial friction-free fluid barrier lubricant. Keeps metal components lubricated. Withstands the elements, resists wash-off, prevents ice from forming. Glidex won’t pack or harden, and does not attract sand or dirt. Now available for agricultural and even home use.


Midwest AntiIce DeIce



"environmentally safe, effective, non-harmful"

Enviro-Mlt liquid anti-icer and deicer is used across a broad swath of industries and locations because it too is safe, effective, and will not harm the environment.  Freeze point is -50°F. Noncorrosive, stable at low temperatures, needs no agitation



EK35 gravel-runway-large


"Resin Bindered"

EK35’s synthetic fluid with its resin binder creates pavement like strength for a fraction of the cost yet remains re-workable and interlocks surface aggregate and fines together!  Generated fines are captured and locked into the system, preventing them from escaping as fugitive dust. EPA ETV verified safe and effective. Certified non-corrosive by Boeing.


Knowledge Is Power !

alert Symbol
Buyer beware!  Be careful of imitations!

FTC Settlement Ends “Tested Green” Certifications That Were Neither Tested Nor Green…
At one end of the spectrum of independent testing and verification was "Tested Green" (considered totally worthless).  Note, in-house testing" should also considered highly suspect. At the other end of the spectrum is US EPA testing and verification (considered the "gold standard").  In between are all other independent testing such as the API which is significant for motor oil lubrication but has NO environmental protection significance.  Actually, it's all about the molecules! Be aware of the risks and why independent competitor products like C heavy oils and corrosive salts still have not been submitted nor verified by the US EPA let alone contain any polymer binders  to enhance their performance!

Only Midwest’s pure E-family synthetic base fluid and polymetric binder-tackifer system have been verified safe and clean for the environment by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Other manufacturer’s products are neither bindered nor verified by the  US EPA’s ETV Program as pure, clean nor safe for the environment. Chose the best, choose Midwest's  E-Family products like EnviroKleen®, Arena Rx®, Diamond Dr®, and the Soil Sement® Engineered Formula™ products.

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We Sell Verified / Certified

Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. has verified their products through “independent” testing and "validations" that are two to twenty times more stringent than its competitors through many renowned independent laboratories and many state and federal government agencies including but not limited to the following:
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